Sep 20, 2015

Hemerocallis 15

Frøplante nr 1

Frøplante nr 2

Frøplante nr 3

Frøplante nr 4

Blandede frøplanter nr 5 og 6

Frøplante nr 6

Frøplante nr 7

 Elisabeth Salte

 Tierra del Fuego

Fire and Fog

Chili Spice

Dragon Knife

No name yet
Freedoms Triumph

Lacy Doily

Moving Forvard 
Big Snowbird  
Cosmic Hummingbird 

Sep 20, 2012

My last lilies in 2012

At my house in northern Sweden, I have tried to cultivate a variety of lilies.

The growing season is much shorter than in my home country of Denmark, the last snow melts usually in late April, the frost is in the ground well into May. And the first frost comes back, yes - about now.

Blooming Right now I have 2 lilies: A hybrid and a species.

Here are some pictures of Dunyazade:
In the back you can see "LeVern Friemann" that lily will not make it here this year
I got this lily from Holger Kühne 2 years ago, last year it didn't make it - this year it is more successful. "The lily garden" only says its a hybrid of their "Sheherazade", could it be a cross with "Black Beauty"?

Also flowering i have Lilium lancifolium.
L. lancifolium flowers nearly every year here. I got bulblets from the botanical garden in Copenhagen more than 25 years ago.

Jun 22, 2012

Treepeony? - I'm in doubt now

Do you know this peony?

It was bought 3 years ago as Paeonia suffruticosa subsp. rockii. So it was supposed to be a classic Rock's peony, it is now easy to see that so isnt the case.
Until now i thought that it was a shot from below the graft, and i looked forward to see what peony they had used for rootgrafting.
But now flowering, it seems to be a hybrid of some kind? Perhaps mislabled?
It was planted well below the surface, so i have waited 3 years to see it in bloom.
Below here on this picture you can see a real Rockii - it is the tiny peony with seedcapsules - the leaves are very different. The peony i hope you can identify is ofcource the big one above, it seems to be very healthy. 
Do you recognize it?

Update June 26 2012

Thanks for the response, there are no 100% match - but these are my candidates:

  •     Callies memory
  •     Canary brilliants
  •     Court Jester
  •     Pastel Splendor
  •     Sonoma Floozy (waw!)
Perhaps i can tell next year?