Sep 20, 2012

My last lilies in 2012

At my house in northern Sweden, I have tried to cultivate a variety of lilies.

The growing season is much shorter than in my home country of Denmark, the last snow melts usually in late April, the frost is in the ground well into May. And the first frost comes back, yes - about now.

Blooming Right now I have 2 lilies: A hybrid and a species.

Here are some pictures of Dunyazade:
In the back you can see "LeVern Friemann" that lily will not make it here this year
I got this lily from Holger Kühne 2 years ago, last year it didn't make it - this year it is more successful. "The lily garden" only says its a hybrid of their "Sheherazade", could it be a cross with "Black Beauty"?

Also flowering i have Lilium lancifolium.
L. lancifolium flowers nearly every year here. I got bulblets from the botanical garden in Copenhagen more than 25 years ago.